• Interior architecture
  • Transborder security
  • English philology
  • Nursing
  • Graphic design
  • International relations
  • Business informatics
  • Food safety and production
  • Mechatronics
  • Transport and logistics engineering
  • Security and transborder relations
  • Intelligent technologies
  • Nursing
  • Graphic design

Interior architecture

The Bachelor’s degree  programme in interior architecture spans a duration of 3.5 years (7 semesters) and offers three  specialisations:

• Interior architecture design

• Furniture and interior equipment design

• Exhibition design

This  programme combines the fields of fine arts such as drawing, painting, spatial forms and design arts such as interior design, space design and furniture design.

Students participate in training on the use of architectural and space visualisation  programmes. Classes are held in modern and specialised design art studios and students also can access to a full range of graphic and design  programmes remotely for use at home. During their studies, students complete practical projects and create their own portfolios. Graduates work as interior designers and furniture designers in design and construction companies, advertising agencies and prepare virtual interiors for films and animations. More information:: https://isp.pansp.pl/architektura-wnetrz/architektura-wnetrz/

Transborder security

The Bachelor’s degree  programme in Transnational Security spans a duration of 3 years (6 semesters) and offers two  specialisations:

• Protection of the borders of the Republic of Poland

• Protection of public order

This  programme is aimed at individuals who plan to pursue careers in institutions responsible for security and uniformed services. It is conducted in cooperation with the Border Guard, Tax Administration, Police, Railway Guard and City Guard. The unique  programme includes specialised classes in:

• Marksmanship

• Medical aid

• Drill

• Self-defence and intervention techniques

• Fitness – preparing for the Police entrance exams

Graduates are equipped with comprehensive knowledge on the political, social and economic conditions of security as well as the legal foundations of various institutions. They are prepared to work in security institutions and uniformed services, both in Poland and abroad, such as the Border Guard, Tax Administration, Police, Railway Guard and City Guard. More information: https://ismip.pansp.pl/bezpieczenstwo-transgraniczne/o-nas/

English philology

The Bachelor’s degree  programme in English Philology spans a duration of 3 years (6 semesters) and offers three specialisations:

• English for Business

• Translation

• Media and Communication

The language of instruction is English, with Spanish as an additional language. English philology graduates are highly sought after by translation and travel offices, public institutions and international corporations, advertising agencies and international media companies. The  programme is practical in nature, providing students with deep knowledge in linguistics, literary studies and cultural studies and the ability to fluently speak the language at the C1 level as well as develop professional translation skills.

Graduates in English philology are capable of independently translating texts from various fields, have excellent knowledge and use of the English language in business and marketing, copywriting and other fields where a perfect command of a foreign language is essential. More information: https://ismip.pansp.pl/skrocony-opis-kierunku/


The Bachelor’s degree  programme in nursing spans a duration of 3 years (6 semesters) and offers three specialisations:

• Fundamentals of Nursing

• Physical Examination

• Fundamentals of Emergency Medicine

The  programme trains practical medical personnel for hospitals, hospices and occupational and industrial medicine facilities, nursing homes, emergency medical system units, sanatoriums, as well as for the Polish Armed Forces and the Prison Service. The curriculum allows for taking professional exams and obtaining qualifications such as nursing assistant and emergency medical technician.

The Bachelor’s degree  programme in Nursing is aimed at individuals who want to work as nurses. The  programme includes 2480 hours of classroom instruction and 1100 hours of practical training, as well as 1200 hours of professional practice in various medical facilities. More information: https://ioz.pansp.pl/kierunek-pielegniarstwo/

Graphic design

The programme in Graphic design is a three-year  programme (6 semesters) that offers three specialisations:

  • 3D Design
  • Visual Communication and Identity
  • Editorial Design

The  programme trains multi-skilled graphic designers who are able to perform various tasks in advertising agencies, design firms, printing companies and businesses. The curriculum includes subjects in fine arts such as painting, drawing and printmaking, as well as design courses such as digital image editing, vector graphics, digital animation, 3D design, web design, visual communication and identity, editorial design and outdoor advertising. More information: https://isp.pansp.pl/projektowanie-graficzne/projektowanie-graficzne/informacja-o-kierunku/

International relations

The International relations  programme is a 3-year (6 semesters)  programme designed for individuals who wish to work in the field of international relations, business, journalism and government. Graduates of this  programme are well-prepared for positions such as analysts, journalists, international relations experts and business and government officials. They may also engage in politics and diplomacy with the aid of their knowledge of foreign languages. During the course of their studies, students will acquire practical knowledge in the fields of economics, law and international relations. They will also learn how to prepare business plans and apply marketing tools and analyse the principles of conducting business in the EU. The second specialisation, enables students to learn to analyse and forcast political and socio-economic events and create analyses and reports for businesses and media. More information: https://ismip.pansp.pl/stosunki-miedzynarodowe/o-kierunku-studiow/

Business informatics

Itis a 4-year (eight-semester) course of study that offers two  specialisations:

  • Game and application programming
  • Managerial economics.

Through this  programme, we train informatics managers who combine  programming skills with business management in order to optimize the workings of a business. The combination of knowledge in programming and economics enables our graduates to excel in a variety of industries. Students have access to the latest equipment and are taught by practitioner-instructors, including those from prominent academic institutions. A significant portion of the curriculum is delivered online through an educational platform. Graduates of this  programme are equipped to  programme web and multimedia applications, games, design and manage enterprise systems, control the security of computer systems, create new software and databases and apply modern information technologies in the realm of e-business. More information:  https://int.pansp.pl/informatyka-w-biznesie/informacje-o-kierunku/

Food Safety and Production

It is a 3.5-year (7-semester) course of study that offers three  specialisations:

  • Food technology,
  • Functional food,
  • Human nutrition with dietetics.

The engineer in food safety and production is focused on the field of new product design, technological processes and quality assurance systems as well as conducting scientific research. Graduates of this programme are qualified to work in engineering and management positions in small, medium and large food industry factories, companies involved in the production or distribution of food production aids, culinary and dietary facilities and other facilities associated with food production and collective feeding, institutions and laboratories dealing with food safety assessment and control, institutions implementing and monitoring safety systems and units involved in food distribution. They also acquire the competence to set up and run their own business, involving the production and distribution of food. More information: https://int.pansp.pl/bezpieczenstwo-i-produkcja-zywnosci/kierunek-bezpieczenstwo-i-produkcja-zywnosci/informacje-o-kierunku/


The Mechatronics  programme is a 3.5-year (7-semester) course of study that offers three specialisations:

  • Designing mechatronic systems,
  • Automotive mechatronics,
  • 3d design and programming.

It is a technical  programme that combines knowledge from mechanics, electronics, electrical engineering, computer science, robotics and automation, machine operation, etc. Students acquire knowledge, skills and competences in the use of advanced tools that support the CAD (Autodesk Inventor, Solid Works, Multisim), CAM (EdgeCAM), engineering calculations (Matlab) and machine and system engineering (Automation Studio). Specialisation subjects allow students to learn the specific nature of mechatronics design and to acquire the ability to independently solve interdisciplinary design problems. Graduates of the  programme are prepared to work in interdisciplinary teams that solve problems related to the design, manufacturing, operation, servicing and diagnosis of mechatronic systems and machines and devices in which they occur. The mechatronics engineer with a specialization in “designing mechatronic systems” finds employment as a designer, technologist, CNC machine programmer, automation and robot systems, in all branches of industry. More information: https://int.pansp.pl/mechatronika/kierunek-mechatronika/informacje-o-kierunku-mechatronika/

Transportation and Logistics

The Transportation and logistics programme is a 4-year (eight-semester) course that offers three  specialisations:

  • Transportation management,
  • Vehicle operation and diagnosis,
  • Eco-friendly transportation.

This  programme is aimed at individuals who are planning to pursue careers in the transportation or logistics industry. The curriculum includes subjects in logistics, shipping and engineering, particularly focusing on practical classes in vehicle operation and diagnosis. The  programme aims to educate engineers and specialists in transportation and logistics who are able to combine modern engineering knowledge and skills with managerial knowledge and skills. Graduates of this  programme are prepared to work in logistics companies, shipping companies, transportation companies, customs agencies and other industries that require knowledge in economics, organization and management, business law, logistics, transportation, shipping, ecology and other relevant fields. More information: https://int.pansp.pl/inzynieria-transportu-i-logistyki/kierunek-inzynieria-transportu-i-logistyki/informacje-o-kierunku/

Transborder security and relations

It is a 2-year (4 semester)  programme that is geared towards graduates of social and humanities-related fields, particularly international relations, with a focus on transborder cooperation. The  programme is intended for those who work in law enforcement or with EU projects. Students participate in workshops focused on acquiring, managing and accounting for transborder funds and acquire practical skills through visits to the consulates of Poland and neighbouring countries, as well as transnational institutions. The curriculum covers topics such as: transborder cooperation in public administration, international organizations in transborder relations, international migration, cyber security and information security and the culture and languages of neighbouring countries. Upon graduation, students will be able to prepare, implement and account for EU projects. This  programme would be of interest to future and active professionals in public administration, local government, non-governmental organizations and other public institutions. More information: https://ismip.pansp.pl/stosunki-transgraniczne/o-nas/

Intelligent technologies

The Master’s  programme in Intelligent Technologies is a 1.5-year (3 semester)  programme, with two  specialisations:

  • Intelligent technologies in computer science and mechatronics,
  • Intelligent technologies in transportation and logistics.

The  programme is geared towards graduates of engineering  programmes and covers a wide range of subjects including strategic management, knowledge management, innovation management and technology transfer, in addition to general engineering subjects such as materials engineering, manufacturing engineering and mechanical engineering. The  programme is designed to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and utilize modern computer systems in managing a business. Graduates can work in various fields such as transportation, logistics, freight forwarding and customs agencies. More information: https://int.pansp.pl/inteligentne-technologie/o-kierunku/


Nursing is a field of study that spans a duration of 2 years ( 4 semesters). The  programme trains medical personnel for hospitals, hospices, medical facilities, social care homes, emergency medical units, sanatoriums, as well as for the Polish Armed Forces and Prison Service. The curriculum equips students with the professional skills to provide healthcare to individuals of varying ages, including the sick, disabled and dying. This  programme is specifically geared towards individuals who wish to work as nurses. Examples of subjects studied include pharmacology and drug administration, pain therapy surgical nursing. More information: https://ioz.pansp.pl/pielegniarstwo-ii-stopien/

Graphic design

The  programme is a 2-year (4-semester) course of study that offers four specialisations:

  • Film animation,  
  • 3d animation and game design,
  • Editing,
  • Visual identification and information.

Students acquire a range of skills related to editing, book graphics, 3D graphics and game design, visual identification, typography and lettering, classic animation, print preparation, website creation and advertising. The acquired skills and experiences will allow for employment in design studios, multimedia workshops, advertising agencies, television studios, companies involved in project visualization, creating computer games and websites and above all, prepare the graduate for independent practice as a graphic designer. The 2-year postgraduate course in graphic design in Przemyśl covers a wide range of graphic design areas and a detailed analysis of the labour market has led to the introduction of diploma  specialisations that increase the attractiveness of the  programme and allow for the acquisition of specialized knowledge, skills and competences to undertake challenging professional challenges. More information: https://isp.pansp.pl/projektowanie-graficzne-ii-stopnia/projektowanie-graficzne-ii-stopnia/